Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turtles & Shit

The point I aim to make is there is no best way to understand consciousness; or that we will never truly be able to bridge the gap between the study of consciousness and what consciousness feels like, because all that we can deduce is from conscious experience, the creation of consciousness.
For example when analyzing cats, we know cats through our conscious and that is all, although we know ourselves as ourselves and as humans, although knowing the two are hard to distinguish at times.
I wrote a very long and extraneous explanation involving evolution; but I realized the only solidity in my claim was best expressed in a what I believe to be a wonderful little analogy; or perhaps even an allegory? It is as follows…
Ok so there’s a turtle, this turtle represents consciousness
It shits science, art, self awareness, logic, and value of all these things generally speaking
Now the turtle can only see itself as what it shits; if knowledge were completely composed of the senses, the turtle could not know itself fully, it could know its brown mushy, what its made of. But this turtle’s shit has more to it than senses, it knows how its reacting to it environment, and visa versa, through the science. it could make different shades of brown or manipulate the action and very essence of the shit through art, it could know it was only aware of itself as shit but that really it was a turtle through self awareness, and it would value its life as shit and would try to figure out eventually why it only saw itself as shit if its really a turtle, it would have meaning.
the shit would conceptualize, but it could never know itself as a turtle; because the shit can not conceptualize anything that’s not science art self awareness value fiction etc., basically nothing that’s not shit, because these things did not exist before the turtle shit them, it can theorize about whether the turtle and the shit are the same or different, or how much of its assumptions about it being a turtle and not really shit are correct, but it could never see itself as a turtle because to do so the turtle would have to encompass itself under science art self awareness and value, which it does not, only shit does.
So why can the shit sleep? Why can the shit suppose that the cat it sees with its senses is not a turtle but a cat, that also sees itself as cat shit respectively?
Well the shit can explain why it sleeps through science, because turtles need sleep even if shit doesn’t, and cats need sleep too so therefore it might see itself as shit to, but in reality the cat doesn’t shit science art self awareness and logic, it just shits. So everything the shit sees about the cat will always be purely theoretical because the shit forgot to mention that hes the one that came up with name for cat, and the word shit, with its logic and imagination, the cat doesn’t know itself as a cat, or as shit, it is something the shit defined with the particular capabilities the shit has.
So when the shit asks itself why it only sees shit when it knows there’s a turtle, he has the same problem in that he came up with the concept of a turtle, and the concept of shit and all that it implies, and therefore must settle with those terms and continue to understand the turtle through the shit; for no terms could make coherent sense of the turtle and shit, while knowing the turtle is this whole big thing; some of which has nothing to do with the shit; and this shit knows this, but only as shit, to the shit its lungs are shit its air is shit its gravity is shit its existence is shit, subjectively,but the shit cab accept that air is air and lungs are lungs to the turtle, and therefore the shit, and the shit theorizes the turtle was just trying to shit out the human it ate earlier that day; with no subjective experience paralleling the shit and no meaning science art logic or self awareness, because its only subjective experience is the shit. This does not mean the shit’s qualms with it really being a turtle are in vain, only that he must accept he that he can only deal with being as shit, and that that shit might have a whole lot more to say than what the turtles real unconscious ‘purposes’ are. This can be assumed as the turtle really doesn’t even have a concept of purpose, except for through its shit.
Perhaps someday the shit will know exactly how the turtle came to shit it, and it could theorize about why. But It will never know for sure, and it will also never make such a discovery consistent with its seeing itself as shit, unless it stopped seeing itself as shit, and would then ceased to be shit or turtle or both.
catch my drift?

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