Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thunder in My Thorax

sitting on a park bench
and looking at you

your sentiment to suburbia
trucks through portraits
some Mary Poppin's phenomenon
and the tread of a displaced hipster
strutting greener grass and
white picket fences
magic markers that illustrate you

a color of rain
glides down your nape,
hypothalamic scribbles draw eye drapes

lashes protection
and your rubber kicks
parachutes your paradise
as the storm seeks
standing tall above the colors
a beacon drawing it closer
a man

the electric right
the stunner sensation
duality of weather
jolts your life
collapsed in rubber sneaks

the sheets of rain
the stain of riots
jolting a lie in ultraviolent strikes
you hear the eve's malevolence
'boil the sound until you melt mid wave'

quaking down college avenue
documenting catastrophe CAT scans
in fault lines of resolution

sitting on a park bench
and looking at you

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