Monday, March 29, 2010

With Which He Appears

Passing whispers in descent
I’m drawn to the familiar crutch
A plastered scene
With which he appears

Laughter draws
It passes whisper in ascent
And occasionally winds
To judgment

A Riot of Vanity

A Riot of Vanity

Lighting up your stomach,
Twirling in, the guttural approach
Pondering the, cerebral lavish
That peaked an hour ago.
Making an entrance
To a rager of cultural plagiarism
See the lights rise
In false borealis
Condensed Romance descending to the fervor of underworld bliss
uh tsss uh tsss uhtsss uhtsss
The sub woofers slicing sensation
their electric knife unleashing the spikes
Impaling judgment happily we erode
Victimized by the dance floor
Beating our blood
Into our chest
Asking to tell us
what we don’t have yet.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Robot Performs Science

A Robot Performs Science

By any standard, it was an elementary discovery — the identification of the role of about a dozen genes in a yeast cell. But what made this finding a major breakthrough was the unlikely form of the scientist: a robot. In April, "Adam," a machine designed at Aberystwyth University in Wales, became the first robotic system to make a novel scientific discovery with virtually no human intellectual input. Robots have long been used in experiments — their vast computational power assisted in the sequencing of the human genome, for example — but Adam was the first to complete the cycle from hypothesis to experiment to reformulated hypothesis without human intervention. Interviewed after Adam's experiment appeared in Science, inventor Ross King argued that artificial intelligence had almost limitless scientific potential — and that a computer would one day make a discovery akin to Einstein's special theory of relativity. "There isn't any intrinsic reason why that wouldn't happen," he said. "A computer can make beautiful chess moves, but it'

The Middle of Nowhere

I could find the middle of nowhere on my GPS;
the coordinates cognitive dissonance,
a scientific calculation
clever sadness sheds
with the precision of ambiguity.
Overcast lives give ghosts definition
while the horizon line seeps
into equivocation,
a generation of escapees
we've found truth in confusion.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jalu Album: An Impromptu Album by Shafni, Dave, and people they ran into downtown

I play the trombone on Platypus Angel Dub. Disclaimer: you couldn't see the recording equipment through the haze.