Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are we floating if there's no ground?

What's your name?
Jane Dough?
Where do you live?
Los Angeles.

A magnetic name,
the suffix on our anonymous vow.
To abandon liability
unleash my minds crowd,
platform it on four inch heals,
gift wrap your novelty
and piss it out on your bus seat.
Just another trapeze necromance commi.

My shakra is in the car
underneath my specialized exercise garb!
It's a prias,
meters emotional exhaust.

Would you just listen to this face?

I'm choking on freedom like breathing in a strut.
Following the ultra violet gas streaks
with my rainbow gut.

Fuck your skin!

Don't penalize public nudity,
I'm just wearing mirrors in my spectacles.
Try on my tears,
go shopping for skin.
So I have testacles,
but I'll never be naked again.